Harvard University

Graduate School of Business Administration
Soldiers Field, Boston,Massachusetts 02163
E-mail address: admissions@hbs.edu
Web site address: http://www.hbs.edu

Top Business Schools in USA

Corporate ranking:3Graduate ranking:4Enrollment:1742
Annual tuition & fees:$31,500Women:32%Room and board:N/A
Non-U.S.:33%Average GMAT score:701Minority:19%Average years of work exp.:4
Part-time:0Accepted applicants enrolled:N/AAverage age:27 Intellectual capital:13
Applicants accepted:13%Median starting pay:$160,000
Teaching methods:
  • Lecture, 15%
  • Case study, 80%
  • Other, 5%

Undergraduate Admission

Harvard welcomes students from across the country and all over the world, with diverse backgrounds and far-ranging talents and interests.Harvard College is a unique academic community—a close-knit undergraduate program located within Harvard University.

Recruiters are more than fond of the school. About 800 of them come to campus to recruit each year, and Harvard’s 2000 grads received the highest average number of job offers: 4.1 each.

hard work is at the core of the HBS degree. Requirements begin prior to matriculation, with Internet-based courses in accounting, business writing, class presentation, computer skills, quantitative methods, and general business knowledge. Once school starts, you’ll go through a three-week Foundations program that involves lectures, workshops, problem set reviews, case study discussions, and team projects. The courses here cover broad topics like applied personal skills, career development, and decision making.

Financial Aid

When you qualify for financial aid from Harvard, we use a combination of resources to create an individualized aid package to meet your demonstrated need. This may include scholarship funds, student employment, and loans, as well as any awards you’ve earned from outside sources.

We will work with your family one on one to help you navigate options and make sure Harvard is an affordable option for your undergraduate education.


After we assess your financial situation, we cover the remainder of your need with scholarship assistance and the offer of a campus job. Our scholarships are based entirely on need, not merit. Learn more about scholarships.


Even Harvard’s much-griped-about Career Services office, which recruiters ranked next-to-last, can’t keep the companies away. About 800 mainstream and nontraditional MBA recruiters came on campus last year to court HBS second-years, whom they find to be the best and the brightest MBAs.