Selecting the Right MBA Program

There are a lot of variables that applicants consider when selecting an MBA program. Here are the top ones that influence applicants’ selection decisions.

MBA for Me

Length of the Program

As it is discussed earlier, a number of variables affect your decision of whether to pursue a full-time two-year MBA program or a part-time or executive MBA program. Is time a factor for you? Are you trying to complete the MBA in as short a time as possible? Is the high cost of an MBA prohibitive? Are you already in the industry you want to be in? Can you bypass the summer internship? If you answered yes to these questions, it may be worth exploring MBA programs that are less than two years.

Size of the Program

The size of the class can also play a significant role in where an applicant chooses to apply.
So decide whether you are someone who will thrive in a large environment or a smaller, more intimate one. Having clarity on the environments you enjoy will save you the hassle of going through two years of misery in a place you hate.

International Business Exposure

Some applicants are attracted to international business. So although these students may opt for an American MBA, it is important to them to attend a program that offers the opportunity to either study abroad or tackle an international project that allows them to live abroad.

Flexibility of the Program

MBA programs differ in the range of flexibility they offer their students.

Teaching Method

We can’t discuss variables affecting school selection without addressing the teaching methodology of the programs. Some candidates believe you cannot teach finance effectively through the case method and would be loathe to attend a program that is primarily case focused.

Brand of the Program

Last but not the least is the overall brand of the MBA program. There is a certain feel and culture that permeates each MBA program. By visiting the programs and attending classes, you will be in a better position to ascertain whether a programis right for you. TheMBA programs also have areas that they are brilliant at and are known for. I encourage all applicants to take the time to thoroughly research each MBA program to ensure that they select the ones that are a fit with their brand and goals. We address the topic ofMBA programs as brands in the next chapter.