MBA Career

Career in Vogue: Masters in Business Administration

Upon completion, an MBA leads to responsible positions in business, taking critical managerial decisions that lead to the growth of any top-notch organization. MBA programs are run throughout the world, because their relevance is across industries, business sectors and economies. And what’s more, this exciting profile comes with an even more exciting pay packet.

Advantage MBA: What's in Store for You?

Open newer avenues: An MBA provides the modern manager with tools and skills needed to identify new opportunities for organizational success. MBA programs are designed to make one aware of different approaches that have traditionally helped in managing organizations.

Understand business dynamics better: An MBA provides a person with the ability to understand the nuances of business and the dynamics involved in managing it. An MBA is useful for anyone who wants to refocus his or her career.

Get Picked by the Best: Why Do Companies Prefer MBAs?

The foremost traits that corporate recruiters look for and find in MBA candidates are:

  • Sound communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to analyze and strategize
  • Leadership skills

Call it the effect of globalization or to combat competition, companies today are taking all measures to ensure professional conduct in all aspects of their functioning. These changes in the business environment have a natural and direct correlation with the kind of people that are hired to run companies, irrespective of the fact that they are naïve graduates or experienced racehorses.

MBAs Remain the Top Choice

It is perceived that certain professional characteristics are innately present in most MBA recruits:

  • Emphasis on professionalism
  • Stress on deliverables and deadlines
  • Better understanding of a company’s integrated functionality
  • Internationally mobile and sensitive to cultural diversity

Identify the MBA in You

What makes a good MBA candidate?

Apart from possessing a good aptitude, there are a number of other qualities that top B-schools look for before selecting a student. There’s a lot you can do to show the B-schools what a good candidate you are, but you need to be clear about your own abilities and goals. Are you honest and sincere? Do you have enough knowledge about the school and the course that you are applying for? How focused are you with respect to your career goals?

Define your career path

To understand where you see yourself a few years from now, the most important step is to define your career path; what are the choices you plan to make to take charge and further your goals?


Self-assessment should be the first step in any major career or life altering decision. Take time to reflect on your experiences, your abilities and your ambitions. Understand your career path; the planning and the timeline required to achieve it. Assuming that the MBA will help you achieve your goals, what is it that you want to learn and gain through an MBA program? If you self-assess well, you'll be in a better position to understand your strengths and opportunities.

The Other Side of the Coin: The MBA Life

As in all careers, there is a flip side to being an MBA. Though not a huge deterrent, one should know about the life of an MBA as well.

A bit of a reality check here, but the personal life of most MBAs especially during their training period and formative years in an organization is extremely hectic. One of the primary reasons being: high performance pressure. Most MBAs are at the helm of affairs for business concerns involving decision and policy making that demands a lot physically and mentally. The ones spearheading departments are responsible for what the whole team does, and every decision you take affects not just you, but often your entire team and impacts the entire organization.

But then, what's life without challenges? If you feel that you are made for tackling life head-on, and are excited about your work being meaningful, what are you waiting for? An MBA is a great first step towards your dream destination.