MBA Admission Criteria - Application Essay (Personal Statement)

Once you've gotten your GMAT score into the proper range, the most important thing you can do is write personal statement, not try to push your score up a few more points by retaking the exam. An extra 30 points will not be worth nearly as much as a well thought out set of essays or personal statement that convince an admissions officer that you have something valuable to contribute to his school.

Your work background will determine who you compete against for admission spots. But what you say about your background and how well you say it will determine whether you beat those competitors. That's why the essays are so important.

The Admissions Process

To understand the admissions process, you have to look at it from an admissions officer's point of view. Each year the staff tries to assemble a well-rounded class consisting of people from a broad range of work backgrounds. It's important that they assemble a diverse group because many assignments in B-school are collaborative and interdisciplinary. Consequently, projects will be more successful and students will learn more if their teammates can contribute their own unique perspectives.

The admissions staff faces a tough challenge, though, in assembling a diverse class because the vast majority of applicants to top programs come from only two broad work categories: finance and consulting. Many of these people have worked at the most prestigious firms. They got good grades as undergraduates (or they wouldn't have been hired by top firms), and almost all of them take GMAT prep courses because that's part of the culture at their firms. In other words, they have a lot going for themselves.

MBA Admission Criteria

Many MBA programs of almost all prominent bussiness schools base their admission decisions on a combination of undergraduate grade point average, academic transcripts, GMAT exam scores, a résumé containing significant work experience, essays, letters of recommendation, and personal interviews. Some schools are also interested in extracurricular activities, community service activities or volunteer work and how the student can improve the school's diversity and contribute to the student body as a whole.

MBA admissions consulting services exist in almost all countries to counsel MBA applicants to improve their chances of getting admission to their desired Business Schools. These services range from evaluating a candidate's profile, GMAT preparation, suggesting the schools to which they can apply, writing and editing essay, conducting mock interviews as preparation for MBA admission interviews, as well as post-MBA career counseling.